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Wind energy visitor and education centre.


The Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm will work with the management of The Mo to establish a visitor and wind energy education centre in Sheringham, the North Norfolk seaside town after which the wind farm is named.


The Sheringham Shoal Visitor and Education Centre will be located in The Mo, the iconic building on Sheringham's east promenade which is currently undergoing a £1 million refurbishment to become the new home to the Sheringham Museum and the town's enviable collection of lifeboats.


"The Mo is known as ‘a place of people and boats’; in many ways it provides a history of a town where life has traditionally revolved around the sea" said David Brown, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sheringham Museum. "However as offshore wind energy looks set to play a major role in North Norfolk's future, it is natural for us to look forward as well by providing a location to tell the story of wind energy in general, and the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm in particular as well."


Sheringham Shoal Project Director, Rune Rønvik said the museum was the perfect location for such a centre as the wind farm is located directly out to sea some 17 to 22 kilometres offshore.


"The wind farm will be part of the local community for many years to come and this initiative will provide residents and tourists with a resource where they can learn more about it, and all aspects of wind energy," he said.


The Sheringham Museum is scheduled to open to the public in time for Easter 2010, and the formal opening of Sheringham Offshore Wind Farm Shoal Visitor and Education Centre is planned to take place during May 2010. The Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm will be completed at the end of 2011.


The Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm is being developed by Scira Offshore Energy Limited which is jointly owned by Statoil, a world leading operator of offshore oil and gas fields, and Statkraft, a utility and Europe's largest producer of renewable energy. Statoil will be the operator for the project during the development phase.


For further information about the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm contact:


PR and Communication Manager Sue Vincent on mobile: 07768 508742 or email:


Nigel Tompkins on T: 01263 822427 or email: about the proposed visitor and education centre


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