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Sheringham Shoal's first turbine due for installation


The first turbines due to be installed at Sheringham Shoal have been transported by barge from the Danish port of Esjberg, and recently arrived in Great Yarmouth. Two barges are used for this operation, and each barge collects 6 sets of towers, nacelles and blades which make up the complete turbine.


Sheringham Shoal offshore substations in place

The GMS Endeavour is a self propelled, self elevating jack up barge.


Earlier this week the GMS Endeavour went to Great Yarmouth to collect the first two turbines which will be installed in the field. The GMS Endeavour is a self propelled, self elevating jack up barge built in 2010, and operated by Gulf Marine Services. The Endeavour can accommodate around 60 person on board, and specialises in turbine transportation and installation.


Before leaving Great Yarmouth, rigorous safety trials and routines will be carried out on the handling equipment, in line with Scira's high HSE standards, to ensure our thorough safely protocols are in place before the next stage of the operation.


Weather permitting, the GMS Endeavour will arrive at the field over the next few days, and once again, weather permitting, the plan is to install the first turbine during the coming week. Good weather and calm seas are essential for successful installation of wind turbine generators. First and foremost, safety is a key priority and care must be taken that lifting the heavy turbines can be done safely. Accuracy and precision are required to ensure a good fit of all of components to the foundations; and with a blade span that measures 52 metres, that is no easy feat.


Commissioning work will begin once the installed turbine has been through routine and rigorous testing by Siemens, the manufacturer of the turbines.


For further information contact: Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm Communications Manager, Elizabeth Hancock on mobile 07557 264326 or email


Issue Date: 10-06-2011


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