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Scira Offshore Energy's emergency preparedness has been put into action this week


Yesterday a contractor for one of the wind farm's construction suppliers fell ill due to a non-work related condition onboard the floating hotel "Wind Ambition" and had to be airlifted to hospital. The Coastguard was telephoned early in the morning following a diagnosis from the onboard medic that the contractor required urgent medical assistance. Due to high sea conditions at the time, the crew transfer vessels that would usually be used in this situation were not suitable and a helicopter was called in to perform a medical evacuation.


The contractor was successfully flown to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital for treatment, where he had an operation early this morning, and has now been cleared for discharge. He will be recuperating with family for a few weeks before returning to work.


Scira General Manager Einar Strømsvâg said that it was a credit to all involved that the rescue operation was carried out smoothly and efficiently. "While this was a successful test of our health and safety procedures, it is a reminder that we must continue to put health and safety at the core of our operations,&quhe said. "We wish the contractor a rapid recovery from his illness."


A further incident occurred at approximately 7.57am this morning, the Scira Marine Coordination Centre received notification that a contractor from an infield construction vessel responsible for secondary works on the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm, had been injured during a routine diving operation. The fully conscious injured party was recovered back on board the vessel, to receive immediate attention and assessment from the onboard doctor. The Coastguard was informed, and the contractor was airlifted off the vessel by helicopter to Norwich hospital. He has since been discharged after a thorough examination and treatment for a bruised leg.


Work on the specific operation in question has been suspended pending a full investigation of the incident in accordance with Scira's strict HSE procedures. The Health & Safety Executive has been notified. Construction work on the remainder of the site continues as normal.


Scira General Manager Einar Strømsvâg, said that the swift response again demonstrates the effective Emergency Response protocols in place on Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm and the very good cooperation with the Coastguard.


For more information: please contact Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm Communications Manager, Elizabeth Hancock on mobile: 07557 264326 or email:


Issue Date: 09-09-2011


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