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Wind farm workers safely evacuated after transfer incident


Nine Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm workers were safely evacuated from their personnel transfer vessel Opal into a life raft yesterday evening after their vessel became lodged under the boat landing equipment of the floating hotel Regina Baltica.


The workers were returning to their accommodation on the 'floatel' after their shift installing and commissioning turbines when the incident occurred.


A section of the Regina Baltica's boat landing equipment detached and the bow of the Opal was lodged underneath just as workers' were preparing to transfer onboard.


The life raft was deployed and all passengers were safely evacuated and transferred to a nearby vessel before being brought in to Wells-next-the-Sea.


More than 30 other workers on the wind farm were also brought in to North Norfolk to find overnight accommodation as they could not board the Regina Baltica. She has now sailed to Harwich for repairs.


Project Director Rune Rønvik stated that it was an unfortunate and potentially serious incident however it was testament to the organisation's safety procedures that everyone was evacuated safely.


"We will conduct a full investigation into the incident but meanwhile we are pleased that no-one was seriously injured and the systems in place worked effectively."



Issue Date: 03-06-2012


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