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The lease for the diamond-shaped 35 square kilometre site was granted as part of The Crown Estate’s Round Two in 2004. It is located in the Greater Wash, between 17 and 23 kilometres (10 – 15 miles) off the Norfolk coast, north of the seaside town of Sheringham,


Waters here are comparatively shallow at between 17 to 22 metres, wind speeds are high and consistent and access is good for both construction and the ongoing operation and maintenance phases.


The wind farm comprises 88 turbines, two offshore substations, two 132 kV submarine export cables of about 22km each as well as a 21.6km onshore cable and new inland substation. The turbines are positioned less than a kilometre apart and are supported by foundations secured to the seabed. The turbines are visible from the shore approximately 60% of the time, depending on the weather conditions.

The turbines installed on the Sheringham Shoal site.

The turbines installed on the Sheringham Shoal site.